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Walnut collection

Nocturnal Walnut (EF 58) seeks to capture the look of freshly sawned walnut wood that illuminate the interiors with a fresh and light tinge. This design brings a feeling of warmth and freshness to interior styles. This is also a popular choice in the minmalist design style to soften the clinical look from clean lines and brings a cosy and comfortable feeling while retaining the minimalist look and feel.

Cocoa Walnut (EF 326) is a two shade darker look that is typically seen in air dried walnut. It can create an earthly effect with a modern touch. 

Rain Gloss Walnut (EF 6) is a rich dark brown inspired by the aged walnut.

Both Figured Walnut and Rain Gloss Walnut create the most diverse and surprising effects. They can bring forth a classical timeless elegance, or even a clean cut modern zen style. 

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