Designs inspired by nature

Over the years, Senwan has developed a range of laminates inspired by the exclusive natural properties of wood, providing the impeccable match between style, beauty, comfort and durability. Our laminate designs are inspired by the real wood veneers with different designs ranging from classic to contemporary to mystic visuals, embellishing any space with outstanding glamour and grace.

Our Scenic Wood PVC series comprise of 7 collections. Click on the titles and images below to see details of PVC designs from each collection:

1. Walnut collection 

2. Autumn collection     

3. Oak collection

4. Renaissance collection

5. Contemporary collection

6. Mystic collection

7. Fabric collection  

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Walnut collection

Walnut is a hard, dense, tight-grained timber and polishes to a very smooth finish. It is one of the most commercially valuable species of timber. The colour of walnut ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate colour in the heartwood. The oven dried, walnut wood tends toward a dull brown colour, the air-dried can gravitates towards a rich purplish-brown.

Our walnut series are inspired by the various color properties of walnut. The four colors in our collection captures the attractive color range of walnut at various stages which in themselves, create distinctive styles of their own.

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Autumn collection

There is no season in all the year so beautiful, so radiant with glory, as autumn. Everything related to autumn exuberate an aura of mystical splendour that are soul penetrating and spell binding. The scents of autumn, the breezes and the colours are ordained for the rejuvenation of the soul.  Autumn is the crowning glory of the year, there are many beautiful color effects and unique acoustics during this season which had driven many great inspirational ideas.

 Senwan’s Autumn Collection, inspired by this spell binding season, offers 11 shades that are designed to capture the magnificence of the various stages of soft autumn, warm autumn and deep autumn.

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Oak collection

The oak is a popular ancient Germanic symbol of strength and endurance. The oak tree has been chosen as the national tree of many countries. There are approximately 600 species of oak in the world, over 100 of which are found in Asia.

Our Oak Collection is inspired by this beautiful and noble wood. This collection is available in five colors, representing an ageless trend, which can be used in vintage, rustic interior design styles, contemporary minimalist and relaxed styles..

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Renaissance collection 

The Renaissance is a period of cultural and intellectual revolution and transformation that commenced from the 14th century and ended in the 17th century in Europe. This era is also commonly being referred to as the bridge between the Middle Ages and modern European history.  Brilliant minds during the Renaissance era include Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, which are exemplars of the Renaissance man.

 Senwan’s Renaissance Collection features shades from the heritage of the renaissance era and still in present day,  our all time favourites. The designs are simple and the tones are calming. Their addition to your interiors will create a pure and serene feeling.

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Contemporary collection

The shades in Senwan’s Contemporary Collection are inspired by the avant-garde art movement in the early 20th century, specifically Cubist artwork. The pioneers of this style of art are the likes of Picasso, Delaunay and Braque. This style of art subsequently give roots into other forms of artistic styles such as abstraction etc.

The shades in this collection reflect the traditions and footprints of the color choices of the artworks that flourished during this avant-garde art movement.

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Mystic collection

The inspiration behind this collection stems from the strong and vivid colors from the Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice) started in the year 1162.  The centrepiece of this annual festival in Venice is a showcase of mystical and hypnotic masks with rich and strong colors. Prominently featured amongst this spectrum of festive colors are midnight black and the gold dust shimmering grey shades. These colors have a long line of cultural heritage and particularly hypnotic to the soul.

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Fabric collection 

This new collection offers 2 fabric designs that gives the room a comfortable and cosy feel. This collection is suitable to be used for wardrobes.