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Customisable lamination

We offer customisable lamination services for our customers. Customers can also work with our design team to come up with their desired designs and prints on our laminate.

No warping issues

Our laminated boards do not exhibit the typical issues seen in most laminated boards (such as warping). This is due to a combination of mastering the traditional carpentry skills passed down from generations, as well as applying modern science and technology as well as proprietary knowhow to the lamination process.

No bonding required

Senwan is capable of customizing the laminates on different types of boards with varying thickness. Our lamination removes the need for the traditional bonding method used by carpenters hence reduces the production time required for lamination by over 50%.

No need for lacquering

Senwan's laminated boards can achieve an "after lacquer look and feel". This removes the need for the carpenter to apply lacquer and saved the time required to allow drying.