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Bois scenique

This series comprise of an immaculate collection of natural wood grains that have been beautifully crafted to resemble those of oak, sycamore, walnut and the natural patterns of wood lignin. This collection has a lot to offer, they complete the natural wood elements in a Scandinavian themed interior design, or simple, chic and modern themed interiors. The following 15 designs are offered in the Bois Scenique series:

Matt Pecan A7001 NV

Aged Walnut A7002 NV

White Oak A7003 GO

Sycamore Maple A7006 NV

Washed Elm A7018 DM

Champagne Elm A7019 NV

Dark Walnut A7020 NV

Natural Oak A7026 NV (Horizontal grain)

Ash Oak A7027 NV (Horizontal grain)

Vanilla Oak A7028 NV (Horizontal grain)

Baroque A7029 DM (Horizontal grain)

Coffee Oak S8006 VNR

Scandinavian Lignin S8008 VMG

Aged Lignin S8009 VMG

Rhapsody Oak S8011 LW

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