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Soft autumn:

As summer fades into autumn glory, the season colors tranform from bright to soft. Still retaining the energy from summer, the soft autumn colors are a blend of both autumn and summer, a blend of both warm and cool.

Apricot Maple (EF 8) and Spring Maple (EF 15) are the colors that paint this seasonal transition. These early shades create a warm, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for your interiors.  See designs below.

Warm autumn:

The warm and charming colors of mid autumn, Cisily Coffee (EF 38) and Vivid Cherry (EF 25) graduates from a light orange undertone to a deep golden brown glow. These carry decorative grains and bring alive the beauty and splendor of autumn. See designs below.

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Deep autumn:

Deep autumn is a blend of both autumn and winter. This is another seasonal transition phase and their color shades will be slightly deeper and more vivid that the warm mid autumn shades.

The remaining five shades in our collection, Sun-kissed Teak (EF 21), Pommele Elm (EF 68), Posh Olive (EF 39), Cream Olive (EF69) and Winter Lignin (EF70) explore the deepest and most vivid colors of the autumn color spectrum.

Posh Olive (EF 39) and Winter Lignin (EF70) with their bluish undertone, create  a wash-out effect to add to a rustic look. Pommele Elm (EF 68) and is a good contrast to the deep autumn interiors.

See designs below.

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"A tangerine and russet cascade

Of kaleidoscopic leaves

Creates a tapestry of autumn magic

Upon the emerald carpet of fading summer."

-  Judith A. Lindberg, Shades of Autumn

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